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Josh Berg


Josh Berg here. I write and mix all of the songs for Paisley Games and make those cute little sound effects too. I've been fiddling with the these infernal musical machines like Orpheus with his lyre since I was but a young boy. I play tenor and alto sax and love trap music. I got one dog named Maggie. No cats.

Tobi Hahn


I'm Tobi Hahn. The object I most despise is a computer. I like spending time with my cat and my friends who are also cats. When I'm not coding for Paisley Games I work on twitter bots such as @boy2bot, @everysimile, etc.

August Polite


Howdy. I'm August, but people sometimes call me Austin if they misheard my name. I animate for Paisley games and draw the pictures. When I'm not pushing pixels I like to paint with real paint and draw with real pencils. I don't have any cats but have always wanted one.

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